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About NotesArk

NotesArk was created to help you save everything in one convenient place and discover new and useful things from a network of trusted friends.

Save ideas, discoveries, lists, contacts - anything from the Web or the physical world - in one quick convenient place where you can always access it from any connected computer or an Internet device.

Either save Notes privately, so only you can see them; or allow your friends to see your notes.

Build a network of Friends on NotesArk, and you can see what your friends discover and like. The more friends you have the more trusted discoveries you can make.

Enjoy NotesArk and never lose another idea, discovery, or a piece of information. We welcome your feedback, so we can improve the site for you.

Please send any feedback or other inquiries to feedback-at-notesark-dot-com.

NotesArk is a privately held company, headquartered in San Francisco, Ca.

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